Guide for beginners to use | McAfee sign in

McAfee clearly offers a range of antivirus programs that will keep your devices free from viruses and Trojans, ransomware, and other harmful programs. In this world full of advanced technology, McAfee is integrated with the security features that prevent you from scams, identity theft and keep confidential data private. McAfee clearly protects your bank details along with the other relevant details such as credit card information and your current location when you browse online. The McAfee software is linked to the virtual server that enables the users to access geo-blocking content websites. Further, there are different scenarios when the users do not know where to click and access the services offered by the McAfee activate. For those users, this article will provide all the information about the content so let’s get started!

Why you should choose McAfee?

  • McAfee includes the safe web browsing feature and hence you can easily access any website without getting stress about cyber threats.
  • The McAfee antivirus stores your personal and sensitive files into an encrypted format so that no unofficial user can access the details on your account.
  • The security subscription comes with the Password manager feature that enables the users to store all the account passwords in a single and secure location that cannot get hacked or traced down.
  • The McAfee sign in account is the only platform that has a multi-device compatibility feature which clearly means that it supports all the devices.
  • When you attempt to delete any file, the McAfee shredder removes all the traces of the file that cannot be recovered by unlicensed passcode or user ID.

How to create the McAfee account?

  1. You have to visit the page and select the “Account” option on the screen behind the “Region” option.
  2. On the right side, you will see a section that is labeled as “Are you a new user?”.
  3. Under this section, tap on the “Register Now” tab.
  4. This will show you the “Create an account” form that is in needs to be completed.
  5. Provide your personal email address that needs to be valid.
  6. Set the password that you will use for login into the account for
  7. You have to approve the password by entering it again. All the details of the account creation form are not completed.
  8. In addition to this, you have to tap on the “Read our privacy policy” and McAfee end user license agreement links.
  9. Go through both the documents by evaluating each of them carefully.
  10. Finally, click on the “I agree” option.
  11. This will end the McAfee login account creation process for the process.

How to download the McAfee?

There are two ways to download McAfee via, you can either download the 30 days trial antivirus for free or you can download the paid version if you have already used the subscription. Let us discuss both methods in detail:

Free-Trial Download

  1. Visit the home page.
  2. From the top panel of the homepage, you are required to tap on the “Free Trial” option.
  3. Doing this will open a new window that will allow you to download the software.
  4. Tap on the “Download Free Trial” tab for getting the antivirus program for 30 days.
  5. However, if you wish to get a free trial of a particular McAfee product, just tap on the “Product & Services” tab.
  6. After this, select the desired product and tap on the “Download Free Trial” button.
  7. This will start the downloading process.

Downloading the paid McAfee subscription

  1. Visit the page and tap on the “Products & Services” tab.
  2. Select the McAfee product that serves your security requirements.
  3. Select the number of devices on which you need the McAfee protection and then tap on the “Buy Now” button.
  4. Just make a selection for the payment method through which you wish to purchase McAfee antivirus.
  5. Enter all the payment details and go through the License agreement or privacy policy.
  6. Tap on the “Place order” button.
  7. Now, you have two ways for downloading your purchased product.
  8. Either access the order confirmation mail on your registered email address.
  9. You can also access the McAfee account and find your purchased products and tap on the “Download” button.

How to install a McAfee subscription?

If you have already downloaded the McAfee subscription via official websites or, then you need to follow some basic steps to complete the installation process:

  1. Launch the “Downloads” folder and locate the McAfee Installer file.
  2. Double-tap on it and you will be asked to input the product serial number in the assigned field.
  3. Once the software installation process begins, you will see the “McAfee notification” pop-up box.
  4. Select the network type and you need to select between the “Home or Work” option or the “Public” network type and tap on the “Save” option.
  5. The software installation process once gets completed, you need to restart the PC.

How to activate McAfee subscription via McAfee login account?

  1. Once you open the web browser, enter in the address bar and click on the “Enter” key.
  2. Enter the 25 digit key code in the activation code space.
  3. When you are done with entering the product activation key, tap on the “Submit” button.
  4. Recall your McAfee registered email address and enter the details in the field provided.
  5. Tap on the “Next” button.
  6. Provide your McAfee activate password and tap on the “Next” button.
  7. You will be signed in to the McAfee account and this will complete the process.


McAfee’s activation process is not very much complicated, even for beginners. However, if you still facing issues in the process to download install and activate McAfee via, then we recommend you visit the official website and get assistance from the Customer support team.