Those who have devices running on mac OS, need to head to Downloads and see if any file named McAfee setup exists. If there is any such file, then they need to delete it from the folder. Windows PC users much see the list of installed programs and remove any conflicting ones- like older McAfee software or a different security suite. They need to head over to the Control Panel for uninstalling the conflicting program.

Follow the instructions given here and download McAfee:

  1. Visit
  2. Now, go to My Account tab in the upper right-hand edge of the main screen. It shall be located beside the Cart.
  3. Now, a menu will be available under My Account. Choose the option called Sign In.
  4. In case you already are a McAfee account owner, then just key in all the details like your email and password.
  5. Thereafter, press the reddish-hued Log In button present at the lower left edge of the page.
  6. For saving the login data on the browser, just tick the square next to the Remember Me option.
  7. In case you have just started using McAfee, then just sign up by clicking Register Now. This option is present at the lower right portion of the page.

8.  You need to input the name, email, and then create a password. If you want, get a subscription for McAfee special promotions.

9.  Agree to the Terms given on the screen.

10. Now, just sign in.

11. Click on the My Account tab.

12. Now, you need to select the McAfee product you have to download.

13. Press the download button.

14. In case you own additional products, then you may download their setup as well.

15. Go through the EULA on the screen.

16. Press the I Agree button.

17. Wait for the download of McAfee setup to get over.

How To Install McAfee Setup?

In order to get a complete and quick installation of McAfee setup, you need to ensure that the internet is stable and good. Since McAfee program is very light, it gets installed in no time. Follow the instructions given below and install McAfee on your computer:

  1. Visit the folder where you have saved the downloaded McAfee setup.
  2. After locating the file, run it by double-clicking.
  3. Choose the preferred language.
  4. Choose the country.
  5. Read the terms.
  6. Click on Accept.
  7. When the prompt appears, select Install.
  8. Allow the installation process to get over.
  9. Click on Restart Now when the prompt comes.

How to Activate McAfee Setup?

The activation code for McAfee unique and can be accessed from the product purchase mail. It includes letters and numbers. Here is the process for activating McAfee setup:  

  1. At first, the users must go to the following link:
  2. Thereafter, they need to open their email inbox and click on the McAfee product purchase message. In case they bought McAfee from a physical store, they need to locate the activation code in the purchased kit.
  3. Note down the 25-character alphanumeric product key.
  4. Move to the taskbar.
  5. Open the McAfee antivirus by clicking on its icon.
  6. When the program launches, click the Activate button.
  7. Enter the product key in the respective blank.
  8. Follow the prompts on the screen.
  9. Click on Finish.

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Mcafee Setup
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